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void * glutGetProcAddress (const char *procName)

Detailed Description

Calling a library procedure directly can cause a link-time error if the feature does not exist. OpenGLUT provides a facility to query whether the feature exists, and provides a function-pointer for the feature, if present.

Function Documentation

void* glutGetProcAddress const char *  procName  ) 

Determine if an OpenGLUT feature or extension is available.

procName Procedure name.
Given a function name, searches for the function (or "procedure", hence "Proc") in internal tables. If the function is found, a pointer to the function is returned. If the function is not found, NULL is returned.

In addition to an internal OpenGLUT table, this function will also consult glX (on X systems) or wgl (on WIN32 and WINCE), if the OpenGLUT tables do not have the requested function. It should return any OpenGL, glX, or wgl function if those functions are available.

The code makes no effort towards efficiency. It is advised that you cache the pointer retrieved from this function if you need a certain function repeatedly.
See also:
glXGetProcAddress(), wglGetProcAddress()

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