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OpenGL Utilities
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int glutExtensionSupported (const char *extension)
void glutReportErrors (void)

Function Documentation

int glutExtensionSupported const char *  extension  ) 

Determine if an OpenGL extension is available.

extension A string-name of an extension.
Returns 0 if OpenGLUT cannot determine that the requested extension is definitely present. Only checks extensions from glGetString().

Wouldn't this be simpler and clearer if we used strtok()?

Consider an ogWarning() if there is no current rendering context.

This is an ugly bit of code with 3 return statements, one of which is never reached.

See also:

void glutReportErrors void   ) 

Reports all available OpenGL errors.

Displays as an OpenGLUT warning every OpenGL error that OpenGL remembers giving to us and which we have not processed. Uses gluErrorString().

This is forcibly done by OpenGLUT periodically if -gldebug is one of the strings passed into glutInit() via argv.

See also:
gluErrorString(), glutInit()

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