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Experimental Features
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int glutCreateMenuWindow (int parentID, int x, int y, int w, int h)
void glutSetWindowStayOnTop (GLint enable)

Detailed Description

The OpenGLUT project is considering numerous extensions to the API. Some we are committed to, some are only in proposal or thought form. Some are at a stage of of experimental implementation. The experimental features are generally described in the proposals, and are only minimally documented here.

Function Documentation

int glutCreateMenuWindow int  parentID,
int  x,
int  y,
int  w,
int  h

Create a client-controlled menu window.

parentID Parent window identifier.
x Horizontal coordinate on the screen.
y Vertical coordinate on the screen.
w Width of the new window.
h Height of the new window.
This is a highly experimental function. It creates a menu-like window, of requested dimensions, and at a position relative to your current window.

The documentation for this function is currently the OpenGLUT Menu Window proposal. Variance from that proposal may generally be explained by the fact that this feature is highly experimental. It may also be explained by the fact that the implementation may simply be incomplete.

Did you notice that this feature is highly experimental?
See also:
glutCreateWindow(), glutCreateSubWindow(), glutDestroyWindow(), glutKeyboardFunc(), glutKeyboardUpFunc(), glutSpecialFunc(), glutSpecialUpFunc(), glutMotionFunc(), glutPassiveMotionFunc(), glutMouseFunc(), glutMouseWheelFunc()

void glutSetWindowStayOnTop GLint  enable  ) 

Set stay on top mode for current window.

enable Either GL_TRUE or GL_FALSE
Does not work on all window managers.

Sends the Icewm style message to all "other" window managers (maybe including twm, blackbox, ratpoison, amiwm, and whatever others you have). Can we detect Icewm reliably and only send the Icewm formatted message for Icewm? Possibly it is harmless as it stands, but it looks wrong.

Can a glutGet() be defined to tell us whether a window can be made to stay on top? Or whether a window has (successfully) been marked for staying on top?

Should walk the tree of menus and glutPopWindow() (or all windows that are of menu-window type?).

Investigate making a workalike variant using glutPopWindow() to mimic the feature where not directly supported.

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