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Deprecated Calls
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void glutMenuStateFunc (void(*callback)(int status))
void glutVisibilityFunc (void(*callback)(int status))
void glutWMCloseFunc (void(*callback)(void))

Function Documentation

void glutMenuStateFunc void(*)(int status)  callback  ) 

Deprecated variant of glutMenuStatusFunc().

callback Client menu status hook.
Broadly, OpenGLUT operates in two modes. At any given time, it is either in menu mode (with a popup menu display, possibly with subitems) or it is not.

When moving from non-menu to menu status, callback (if defined) will be called with GLUT_MENU_IN_USE . Conversely, when moving from menu to non-menu status, callback (if defined) will be called with GLUT_MENU_NOT_IN_USE .

This callback is bound to both the current window and the current menu.

Obsolete. Depcreated.
Your callback is not actually called presently.
See also:

void glutVisibilityFunc void(*)(int status)  callback  ) 

Sets the Visibility callback for the current window.

callback Client hook for visibility changes.
OpenGLUT may call this function when your window's visbility status has changed. status can take on two values: GLUT_NOT_VISIBLE or GLUT_VISIBLE . If any pixel of your window (including descendants) is visible, your window is GLUT_VISIBLE .

The callback is bound to the current window.

This is not a polling mechanism. You are only informed of transitions that OpenGLUT observes while your callback is in place.

This function appears to be superceded by glutWindowStatusFunc().

This callback is mutually exclusive of glutWindowStatusFunc().

See also:

void glutWMCloseFunc void(*)(void)  callback  ) 

Window destruction callback.

callback Client window destruction hook.
Deprecated - use glutCloseFunc instead.

When a window is destroyed by user-action in traditional GLUT, the application terminates. In freeglut and OpenGLUT, the application can choose to persist and treat the window close event as a normal event. This callback is how that event is transmitted to the application. This callback is bound to the current window.

This function is exactly the same as glutCloseFunc(). In fact, this function is just a call to the other function, with the same parameter.
See also:
glutDestroyWindow(), glutCloseFunc()

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