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OpenGLUT Project

0.6.3 development

OpenGLUT - An open source evolution of the GLUT API.


Offscreen rendering to a texture using OpenGLUT


OpenGLUT is an open source project to evolve the GLUT (OpenGL Utility Toolkit) C/C++ API. OpenGLUT uses the freeglut code base as a foundation for extending, enhancing and refining the API.

The current focus of the project is fixing bugs and improving cross-platform support.

Our longer term goal is to define and implement OpenGLUT API Version 1.0 - intended to supercede the GLUT 3.x API.


Part of the GLUT family


Some changes since forking from freeglut include:

Current proposals for OpenGLUT 1.0

Other ideas being considered


Experimental menu window using OpenGLUT

Using OpenGLUT


Detailed API and example documentation is available online or as a download in HTML and man-page formats.


The latest development version of OpenGLUT is available via SourceForge.


The current development version of OpenGLUT is source-compatible with the GLUT API, but not binary-compatible.

Compatibility of OpenGLUT 1.0 with GLUT 3.x has not yet been decided.

The motivation for the OpenGLUT API is to make OpenGL based development easy, productive and reliable. We would welcome feedback in relation to API proposals, results with using OpenGLUT in applications, and feature requests or proposals. There may well be functionality in your own application that could serve a broader long-term purpose.

Bugs, Feature Requests, Mail Lists and Forums

Please visit the OpenGLUT SourceForge Interface for bug reporting, feature requests/suggestions, mailing lists or discussion forums.


The current source code repository is available via CVS at SourceForge.

A CVS web interface is also available, including diff, annotation and log viewing functions.

A nightly CVS tarball is also available.

OpenGLUT Development @ Sourceforge
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